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This website is dedicated in reparation for the offenses, outrages and overall misrepresentation of true Catholic devotion to St. Joseph,
the worthy spouse of the Most Chaste Virgin, as is advanced and perpetrated by the anti-Catholic Talmudic sect known as Opus Dei.
Qui tacet consentit

(Translation: "He who is silent consents.")


"The Church will be in eclipse..." -Our Lady of La Salette

Total Solar Eclipse
Photograph of a Total Solar Eclipse
Visible here is merely the inner corona (glowing gas layer around the sun).

"...you must labor and diligently take care that the faith may be preserved amidst this great conspiracy of impious men who attempt to tear it down and destroy it." (Mirari Vos, Encyclical of Pope Gregory XVI, August 15, 1832 A.D.)

Provided is the documentation on why incontrovertibly Karol Wojtyla (a.k.a John Paul II) was, and "Cardinal" Ratzinger [a.k.a Benedict XVI] is an Anti-Pope. In addition, also for the benefit of souls, this section includes:

  • The famous prophecy by Bl. Anna-Maria Taigi, foretelling how a True Pope will miraculously be elected (view)

  • Imperative information about the man known to the world as Cardinal Siri and His suppressed Papacy (view)

  • The Apostate Vatican II Council & More (view)

    "To adhere to a false Bishop of Rome [a false "pope"] is to be out of communion with the Church." -St. Cyprian

    Ratzinger's heretical views are infallibly condemned in Venerable Pope Pius IX's Encyclical, Syllabus Errorum (The Syllabus of Errors
    A German Anti-Pope has been Predicted For Centuries
    In his classic 1941 Imprimatured book, The Prophets and Our Times, Father Gerald Culleton includes the prediction
    attributed to the 7th century Holy Catholic Merlin the Bard. The Catholic Prophet Merlin the Bard foretold:

    "There will come a German Anti-Pope. Italy and Germany will be sorely troubled ..."
    (Father Gerald Culleton, "The Prophets and Our Times," 1941 A.D., Fresno California, p. 132.)

    Definition from The Baltimore Catechism #3, Q & A, Regarding Anti-Popes (1891 A.D.):

    Q. 537. What does anti-pope mean, and who were the anti-popes?

    A. Anti-pope means a pretended pope. The anti-popes were men who by the aid of faithless Christians or others unlawfully seized and claimed the papal power while the lawful pope was in prison or exile. Baltimore Catechism #3, Lesson 12, Q. 537

    The grave question(s) of whether John Paul II was a legitimate pope or not, and likewise if the current claimant Benedict XVI is a legitimate pope or not, is not a mere 'matter of opinion'. Our eternal salvation depends upon our submission to the Roman Pontiff, as is infallibly taught in the Papal Bull Unam Sanctam. ("Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." -Unam Sanctam, the Ex Cathedra [i.e. Infallible] Papal Bull of Pope Boniface VIII, promulgated November 18, 1302 A.D.)

    A Catholic who is indifferent as to whether he (JP2) was a valid pope or not, and/or is indifferent as to whether (Ben16) is a valid pope or not, is no Catholic at all. Rather he has the spirit of schism and of repudiation of authority. During The Great Western Schism, in which there were three claimants to the papal throne, St. Vincent Ferrer condemned those who were indifferent as to who was the true Pope!

    Pope Paul IV's Infallible Cum EX Apostolatus Officio
    Pope Paul IV's infallible Cum EX Apostolatus Officio was written to safeguard the purity
    of De Fide (The Faith) from Heretics like Ratzinger and Karol Wojtyla

    In Brief: In 1559 A.D., His Holiness Pope Paul IV wrote the infallible Papal Bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, which teachings are in force in perpetuity (Forever), to safeguard the purity of De Fide (The Faith) and protect the Catholic Church from False Shepards like the deadly heretic, Joseph Ratzinger a.k.a. Anti-pope Benedict XVI.
    (*see excerpt from this infallible document below)

    Pope Paul IV, *Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, 1559 Ex Cathedra: "We enact, determine, decree and define:
    that if ever at any time it shall appear that the... Roman Pontiff [Pope] prior to his promotion or his elevation as Cardinal or Roman Pontiff, has deviated from the Catholic Faith or fallen into some heresy: the promotion or elevation, even if it shall have been uncontested and by the unanimous assent of all the Cardinals, shall be null, void and worthless."

    "Cardinal" Ratzinger a.k.a Anti-Pope Benedict XVI clearly falls under the Papal condemnation of Pope Paul IV's infallible teaching in Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio by his (Ratzinger's) publicly manifested heretical statements against Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors, against the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception and because of many other notorious damnable heresies he has taught over the last 40 years and still teaches to this day!

    Ratzinger's heretical views are infallibly condemned in Venerable Pope Pius IX's Encyclical, <i>The Syllabus of Errors</i>.
    His Holiness, Ven. Pope Pius IX, King of Rome
    (Pontifical Reign 1846 – 1878)

    Christ's Vicar on Earth, Venerable Pope Pius IX, reigned longer than any Pontiff in Church History.
    Ratzinger's thoroughly documented, manifested heretical errors of Liberalism, are infallibly condemned
    by Ven. Pope Pius IX's famous Encyclical Syllabus Errorum (The Syllabus of Errors).

    Fr. Salvany, in his classic book, Liberalism is a Sin Chapter 11, titled, The Solemn Condemnation of Liberalism by The Syllabus, vividly describes the unfettered malice and contempt that the enemies of the Catholic Church have against Pius IX's infallible Syllabus of Errros. Fr. Salvany writes:

    "When Liberals regard it [The Syllabus of Errors] as their most detestable enemy, as the complete symbol of what they term Clericalism, Untramontanism and Reaction, we may rest assured that it has been well interpreted in that quarter. Satan, bad as he is, is not a fool, and sees clearly enough where the blow falls with most effect. Thus he has set the authority of his seal, which after God's is most reliable, on this great work [The Syllabus of Errors], the seal of his inextinguishable hate. Here is an instance in which we can believe the father of lies. What he most abhors and defames possesses an unimpeachable guaranty of its truth.
    In Venerable Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors, Christ's lawful Vicar on earth, enumerated the many soul killing errors of liberalism in the form of propositions which he solemnly, definitively and infallibly condemned as errors against the Faith

    (1.), including:
    Proposition #80: “The Roman Pontiff can, and ought to, reconcile himself, and come to terms with progress, liberalism and modern civilization.” (Note: Pius IX condemned this heretical error (Proposition #80) as false.)

    This evil error (that the Pope [and the Church] needs to "get in step with the times") was thrust forward by the masonic revolutionaries of France in 1789 A.D., and continued by the evil freemasonic revolutionaries of Italy [and abroad] during the reign of Pope Pius IX's, prior to their (Christ's enemies) criminal usurpation of the Papal States. This gross anti-monarchial and anti-Church error is now most welcomed and embedded in the thick skull of [every?] "enlightened democracy loving" modern[ist] man today.Notwithstanding, the Holy Roman Catholic Church teaches that anyone who knowingly holds this reprobated anti-Catholic error (Proposition #80) makes himself an enemy of Christ, and is ipso facto excommunicated from the Catholic Church... and will go to the 'everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels' (Matt. 25:41) unless they abjure their libertine heretical error and reconcile themselves with Christ's Catholic Church before the end of their life.

    Ben The Rat
    Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, a.k.a Anti-Pope Benedict XVI (pictured on right wearing tie) with fellow Liberal Heretic
    Fr. Karl Rahner (minus his clerical collar too) at the Apostate Vatican II Council (c. 1965)

    "Cardinal" Ratzinger Teaches a Liberty of Perdition right out of the Freemasonic Creed

    The Apostate "Cardinal" Ratzinger (now Antipope Benedict XVI) in an attempt to subvert Holy Mother Church's infallible teaching against the Monstrous Heresy of our age, Liberalism, publicly stated that the teaching of Vatican II was a “countersyllabus” which was “an attempt at an official reconciliation with the new era inaugurated in 1789” and an effort to correct what he dared to call “the one-sidedness of the position adopted by the Church under Pius IX and Pius X in response to the situation created by the new phase of history inaugurated by the French Revolution…” (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Principles of Catholic Theology, Ignatius Press, 1987 pp. 381-382.)

    Inauguration of The Apostasy. The Masonic French Revolution of 1789
    Catholic King Louis XVI, King of France Louis XVI Distributes Alms to the Poor The French Revolution's Satanic Freemasonic Creed The Reign of Terror Execution of Catholic Monarch Louis XVI, January 21, 1793
    Catholic King Louis XVI, King of France Louis XVI Distributes Alms to the Poor The French Revolution's Satanic Freemasonic Creed The Reign of Terror Execution of Catholic Monarch Louis XVI, January 21, 1793

    To make his [Ratzinger's] rejection of the solemn, infallible teaching of Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors even more explicit, "Cardinal" Ratzinger declared that at Vatican II, “the attitude of critical reserve toward the forces that have left their imprint on the modern world is to be replaced by a coming to terms with their movement.” (emphasis added)

    Holy Nuns being killed by the French Revolutionaries
    Sisters from the Order of St. Joseph being led to the Guillotine by the Catholic Church's Sworn Enemies c. 1789 A.D. Numerous Catholic priests and nuns (like these holy nuns from the Order of The Sisters of St. Joseph) were documented to have been executed by the Anti-Clerical French Revolutionaries masonic "movement"
    that the Reprobate Ratzinger (a.k.a. Antipope Benedict XVI) admires and advocates "coming to terms with."

    This pestilent, publically manifested heretical declaration of "Cardinal" Ratzinger is diametrically opposed to the infallible teaching of Pope Pius IX that the Church must NOT “come to terms with progress, liberalism and modern civilization.

    The Mocking of Christ
    Mocking of Christ
    Annibale Carracci, c. 1596

    (1.) Ven. Pius IX In Paragraph 6 of the Encyclical Quanta Cura which was issued with the Syllabus of Errors on Dec. 8, 1864, stated solemnly:

    “Amid, therefore, so great perversity of depraved opinions, We, well remembering Our Apostolic Office, and very greatly solicitous for Our most holy Religion, for sound doctrine and the salvation of souls which is entrusted to Us by God, and (solicitous also) for the welfare of human society itself, have thought it right to raise up Our Apostolic voice. Therefore, by Our Apostolic Authority, We reprobate, proscribe and condemn all the singular and evil opinions and doctrines severally mentioned in this Letter, and will and command that they be thoroughly held by all children of the Catholic Church as reprobated, proscribed and condemned.”

    St. Antony Abbot, Father of Western Monasticism
    St. Antony Abbot, Father of Western Monasticism, Prophesied this [The] Apostasy more than 1600 Years Ago

    St. Antony of the Desert (born in Egypt in 251 A.D. and died in 356 A.D. at the age of 105, a dear friend of
    St. Athanasius and [is the] Father of Western Monasticism) prophesied:

    "Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our age, Faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day's problems. When the Church and the world are one these days are at hand. Because our Divine Master put a barrier between His things and the things of this world." (St. Anthony of the Desert, Disquisition CXIV.)
    Note from Webmaster: it is quite evident that today's (2011 A.D.) unprecedented era of faithlessness and worldliness are the ominous days St. Antony of the Desert eluded to in his prophecy by stating, "When the Church and the world are one these days are at hand." Please see the following imperative information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the predicted, terrible, and justly deserved Chastisement by clicking here.

    The German Heretic
    The German Heretic "Cardinal" Ratzinger pictured "worshiping in perfect harmony" with
    a modern day mutation of Luther's anti-Catholic revolt against God, a "Protestant Ministriss"

    Luther Hated God "Then, I saw that everything that pertained to Protestantism was gradually gaining the upper hand, and the Catholic religion fell into complete decadence. Most priests were lured by the glittering but false knowledge of young school-teachers [Modernists], and they all contributed to the work of destruction. -Prophetic Vision of Venerable Anna-Katrina Emmerick (1774-1824 A.D.) Augustinian Nun, Stigmatist.

    Two Leaders of the Novus Ordo Sect, Anti-Pope Benedict XVI and Michael Davies
    False Traditionalist Michael Davies (on right) "Shoulder to Shoulder" with
    Heretic, "Cardinal" Ratzinger a.k.a Anti-Pope Benedict XVI, in Rome on October 2003 A.D.

    "Heresies are only embraced by those who had they persevered in the faith, would be lost by the irregularity of their lives."
    -St. Augustine (St. Aug. de Va. Rel. c. 8.)

    The absolutely intellectually dishonest Phony Opposition false Traditionalist groups, such as: the (illogical) SSPX, Una Voce, John Vennari's "Catholic" Family News, Michael Matt's (truly lost) Remnant etc., by willfully refusing to accept the Church's Ex Cathedra (Infallible) teaching of Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, which unmistakenly condemns imposters like Ratzinger a.k.a Anti-Pope Benedict XVI who hold blatant heretical views such as,

    *RATZINGER HERETICALLY DENIES THE REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS (GOD) IN THE EUCHARIST:Eucharistic devotion such as is noted in the silent visit by the devout in church must not be thought of as a conversation with God. This would assume that God was present there locally and in a confined way. To justify such an assertion shows a lack of understanding of the Christological mysteries of the very concept of God. This is repugnant to the serious thinking of the man who knows about the omnipresence of God. To go to church on the ground that one can visit God who is present there is a senseless act which modern man rightfully rejects." (Die Sakramentale Begrundung Christlicher Existenz 1966, Kyrios Publishing, Freising-Meitingen-Germany)


    Holy Tabernacle Most Blessed Sacrament
    Oh Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine,
    All Praise And All Thanksgiving Be Every Moment Thine!

    THE CHURCH'S INFALLIBLE TEACHING ON THE REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS (GOD) IN THE EUCHARIST: "If anyone says that after the consecration is complete the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ are not in the sacrament of the Eucharist and in the consecrated hosts or particles which are reserved (in the tabernacle) the true body and blood of our Lord remain not, let him be anathema." (Council of Trent, Canon 4 - 1545 A.D. to 1563 A.D.)

    (cont.) and instead, are lauding the Wrongful Authority of this Modernist Minion of the Devil... will be the most "useful idiots" and greatest tool for ushering in the Freemasonic "One World Religion" envisioned centuries ago by the enemies of de fide and christened at the Apostate Vatican II Council.

    In regards to this "New Church" with its "New Mass", and "New [No] Morality", whose sole aim is to hasten the coming of its leader (Antichrist), it seems more than fitting to repeat the words of a True Shepherd, Pope Gregory XVI, when on August 15, 1832, addressing all the Episcopal Hierarchy of the Catholic world, in his Encyclical: Mirari Vos he wrote:

    "Truly indeed we can say that this is the hour granted to the power of darkness to winnow [grind] the elect as wheat."
    -Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos (Encyclical On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism)

    The St. Michael Prayer
    St. Michael the Archangel

    Where the See of the Blessed Peter and the Chair of Truth have been set up for the light of the gentiles, there they have placed the throne of the abomination of their wickedness, so that, the Pastor having been struck, they may also be able to scatter the flock. Therefore, O' thou unconquerable Leader, be present with the people of GOD and against the spiritual wickedness which are bursting in upon them; and bring them the victory. (Excerpt from the Exorcism (Prayer) Against Satan and the Rebellious Angels, PUBLISHED BY ORDER OF HIS HOLINESS, Pope LEO XIII, May 18th 1890.)

    Pope Hadrian II, Fourth Council of Constantinople, Feb. 28, 870 A.D.: "Therefore, to safeguard Church order, we anathematize...next everyone who henceforth acts deceitfully and fraudulently and falsifies the word of truth and goes through the motions of having false vicars..."

    *A Catholic who becomes a heretic is by that “very fact cut off from the Catholic Church.” His penalty of automatic excommunication is also called ipso facto excommunication or latae sententiae excommunication:

    CTC: “c. 2232.1. A penalty latae sententiae, whether corrective or vindictive, binds the delinquent ipso facto [automatically] both in the external and in the internal forum...”

    …A formal heretic is condemned by his own judgment and automatically sentenced and penalized by the Church law:

    The Catholic Church has infallibly condemned anyone who effectively denies automatic (ipso facto) excommunications by teaching that automatic excommunications are not incurred automatically but by a competent judge:

    Pope Pius VI, Errors of the Synod of Pistoia, 1794, Condemned propositions: “47. Likewise, the proposition which teaches that it is necessary, according to the natural and divine laws, for either excommunication or for suspension, that a personal examination should precede, and that, therefore, sentences called ‘ipso facto’ have no other force than that of a serious threat without any actual effect,—false, rash, pernicious, injurious to the power of the Church, erroneous.” (D. 1547)

    Hence no judgment, warning, or sentence from a competent judge is needed to excommunicate a Catholic who becomes a heretic because heretics are automatically excommunicated by the Church law.

    It is not only heretical but also illogical to believe that an automatic sentence does not take place without a judgment and condemnatory or declaratory sentence from a competent judge. That would make an automatic sentence not automatic.

    1917 Code of Canon Law (Cannon 188. 4.): "There are certain causes which effect the tacit resignation of an office, which resignation is accepted in advance by operation of law, and hence is effective without any declaration. These causes are: ... (4) if he has publicly defected (fallen away) from the Catholic faith."

    The Keys Denote Authority Tu es Petrus Et super hanc petram ædificábo Ecclésiam meam

    Then Where is the True Pope?

    Nicolas of Fluh (15th Century): "The Church will be punished because the majority of her members, high and low, will become so perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until she will at last seem to be extinguished, and the succession of Peter and the other Apostles to have expired. But, after this, she will be victoriously exalted in the sight of all doubters."

    Vatican Council 1869-1870
    The Vatican Council 1869-1870 A.D.
    Ex Cathedra (Infallible Teaching) On The Permanence of the Primacy of Blessed Peter in the Roman Pontiff

    Therefore, if anyone says that it is not by the institution of Christ the lord himself (that is to say, by divine law) that blessed Peter should have perpetual successors in the primacy over the whole church; or that the Roman pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in this primacy: let him be anathema. (The Vatican Council, Fourth Session, First Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Christ, - Ch. 2,5 On The Permanence of the Primacy of Blessed Peter in the Roman Pontiff -July 18th, 1870 A.D.)

    Important Note: There are Cardinals in exile who are the mortal enemies of the Modernist Roncalli to Ratzinger V-2 Sect, which is illegally holed up in Rome. (See information on "Siri" below.) -The Webmaster (02/12/2008)

    "The selection of the true Pope, according to the prophets, will be: a) almost miraculous; b) soon after the terrible war and revolutions; c) the selectors will assemble under many difficulties; *d) some prophets foretell the intervention of Saints Peter and Paul and angels..." -Fr. Culleton, The Prophets and Our Times 1941 A.D. (Imprimatur)

    *In a addition there is Blessed Anna Maria Taigi's famous prediction of how a True Pope will be elected. Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi foretold that after an unexampled period of time, of suffering [this would include the reign of terror inflicted by the conciliar anti-popes from 1958 A.D. to 2011 A.D., i.e. from Roncalli to Ratzinger] that the True Church [i.e not to be confused with the Apostate Vatican II sect] is now undergoing... that the glorious restoration of the True Papacy will in fact take place, though as of yet, at an unknown future time. (see text of prophecy below)

    Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi
    Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi (19th Century) Three days of darkness St. Peter St. Paul Designate a new Pope A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. China will come into the Church
    Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi (19th Century) After the Three Days of Darkness St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and... Designate a new Pope A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope Russia, England, and China will come into the Church

    "After the three days of darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity, then, will spread throughout the world. He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the storm. At the end, he will have the gift of miracles, and his name shall be praised over the whole earth. Whole nations will come back to the Church and the face of the earth will be renewed. Russia, England, and China will come into the Church." -Prophecy of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769-1837 A.D.) who was Beatified by Pope Bendedict XV in 1920

    Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi
    Blessed Anna Maria Taigi
    Her body has remained perfectly incorrupt for more than 165 years

    A model for wives, mothers, and the family, Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi conquers Napoleon I and the rationalism of the secular world while offering herself as a victim of expiation to the Almighty— in return, God opens the future to her in visions and prophecies... For more information on Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, click here.

    Why John Paul II was an Antipope:

    His Holiness Ven. Pope Pius IX, Quartus Supra, January 6, 1873: “4. It has always been the custom of heretics and schismatics to call themselves Catholics and to proclaim their many excellences in order to lead peoples and princes into error.”

    In Brief: As a result of the three evidenced realities (listed below) which incidently have been supported by several Catholic Prophecies from holy individuals and Saints:

    Conclusion: With a concrete certitude, John Paul II was an usurper and anti-pope.

    Public Act of Apostacy
    A Manifest Act of Apostacy, Anti-pope John Paul II Kissing the Blasphemous Koran 05/14/1999
    The Koran states: "He who believes in the Trinity is impure just like excrement and urine." (Article 2, Koran)

    On May 14, 1999, anti-pope John Paul II bowed to and kissed the Koran of fellow anti-christ Mohammed. The Koran is the impious Muslims’ "holy book" which blasphemes the Most Holy Trinity and denies the Divinity of Jesus Christ. To revere this un-Holy Book of a fabricated and false religion, has always been considered an act of apostasy --
    a complete rejection of the true and only religion instituted by Jesus Christ, The Holy Roman Catholic Faith.
    Thus, this act alone makes anti-pope John Paul II an apostate.

    St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church: “… for men are not bound, or able to read hearts; but when they see that someone is a heretic by his external works, they judge him to be a heretic pure and simple, and condemn him as a heretic." (De Romano Pontifice, II, 30:)

    "But the holy monk (St. George of San Saba) having declared that Mahomet was a disciple of the devil, and that his followers were in a state of perdition, he also was condemned (to martyrdom) with his companions." -St. Alphonsus de Liguori, Victories of the Martyrs, ch. LIII.

    St. James the Moor-Slayer
    The Apostle, St. James the Moor-Slayer

    The Apostle of Jesus Christ, St. James miraculously appeared in Spain in the 11th Century and led the Spanish Militia in defeating the impious Muslim invaders. See more about St. James and the True Catholic Church's teaching regarding these barbarous infidels, as taught by St. Thomas Aquinas by clicking this link here.

    "Then the Church shall be... in catacombs... Such is the universal testimony of the Fathers of the early Church."

    Cardinal Manning citing the Universal Testimony of the Fathers of the early Catholic Church about The Apostasy "The apostasy of the city of Rome from the vicar of Christ and its destruction by Antichrist may be thoughts so new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the text of theologians of greatest repute. First Malvenda, who writes expressly on the subject, states as the opinion of Ribera, Gaspar Melus, Biegas, Suarrez, Bellarmine and Bosius that Rome shall apostatise from the faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism. ...Then the Church shall be scattered, driven into the wilderness, and shall be for a time, as it was in the beginning, invisible hidden in catacombs, in dens, in mountains, in lurking places; for a time it shall be swept, as it were from the face of the earth. Such is the universal testimony of the Fathers of the early Church."
    -Henry Edward Cardinal Manning, The Present Crisis of the Holy See, 1861, Burns and Lambert, pp. 88-90

    Pope in Red
    Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was the "Hand Picked" Successor by the Ailing Pope Pius XII
    Pope Pius XII made the gifted Siri a bishop at 38 and a cardinal at only 47. In Italy, so strongly felt was the inevitability of Siri's election in 1958 A.D. that the prophesy of Saint Malachy, describing Pope Pius XII's successor a "Shepherd and Sailor" (Pastor et Nauta), was commonly attributed to the illustrious Archbishop of Genoa, Cardinal Siri. The maritime city had been his (Siri's) life-long home, where he was born the son of a dockworker. It was the most important seaport in the country, and birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Cardinal Siri was born 400 years to the date after Christopher Columbus died (May 20, 1506 A.D.) on May 20, 1906 A.D..

    (1.) The Cardinal Siri/Pope Gregory XVII Reality (He died in 1989 A.D.). The Siri "Thesis" (FACT), holds that actually Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected (and accepted the office of) Pope after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 A.D., but the newly-elected Pope, Gregorius XVII, (formerly Cardinal Siri) was *threatened [i.e. put under grave duress at the conclave], prevented from taking the Papal Chair and illegally replaced by Roncalli (a.k.a "pope" John XXIII).

    *"Resignation is invalid by law if it was made out of grave fear unjustly inflicted, fraud, substantial error, or simony" (1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 185).

    St. Peter's Chains Holy Relics
    Picture of St. Peter's Chains
    The first Pope, St. Peter, was shackled with these Holy Chains in the Mamertine Prison in Rome.
    Petrus quidem servabátur in carcere ; orátio autem fiebat sine intermissióne ab Ecclésia ad Deum pro eo.
    Translation- Peter therefore was kept in prison, but prayer was made without ceasing of the Church unto God for him.

    "Cardinal Siri"/(Pope Gregory XVII) died on May 2, 1989 A.D. There is some evidence he passed on the true pontificate to a successor. As a result of this, there is hope by many that a true pope will emerge in due time after the eclipse of the Church foretold by the Blessed Virgin Mary at
    La Salette, France in 1846 A.D., has come to an end. It was a suppressed pontificate in the person of Cardinal Joseph Siri of Genoa, who was canonically elected in 1958, but immediately overthrown, and was intimidated into keeping silent about His status (as were His cardinals) for 31 years.

    White Smoke seen by 
200,000 people in St. Peters Square (1958 Conclave-Election of Gregory XVII)
    1958 Conclave - White Smoke Coming from the Chimney of the Sistine Chapel witnessed by 200,000 Catholics
    in St. Peter's Square, confirming Gregory XVII (formally Cardinal Siri) was elected Pope

    For more information on His Holiness Pope Gregory XVII, please see the interesting and historically important article entitled, The Pope: Could He Be Cardinal Siri? which documents three eye witnesses who asked "Cardinal" Siri at a private audience in 1986 A.D., if indeed he was the Pope.

    Pope Siri
    "The Pope in Red"

    ALSO SEE: information on the earth shattering story (first broken world-wide, September 3, 2005 A.D.) by In Today's Catholic World which documents the historical fact that "Cardinal Siri" himself confided to a well known priest, Fr. Khoat, on June 14th, 1988 A.D., that he ["Cardinal Siri"] was indeed the True Pope [Gregory XVII], and that he was under a constant and real death threat by the Freemasons: by clicking here.

    Catholic Radio Podcast Online
    TCW Radio
    Click to listen to recent news interviews on the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII

    And See: Gregory XVII Utilized Catacomb Strategy To "Continue" Church (Info on His Cardinals 2008 A.D.)

    Note: In addition see the 11/21/04 Portugal Daily News Article Documenting Roncalli a.k.a. anti-pope John XXIII's membership as a Freemason for which a Catholic incurs automatic excommunication.

    (2.) Wojtyla aka John Paul II, had *manifested heretical views from before he was "elected" to the Papacy.
    (Hence the importance of the Ex Cathedra Papal Bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio which even layman have the right and responsibility to apply when warranted. (**see excerpt below from this infallible papal document)

    Pope Paul IV, **Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, 1559 Ex Cathedra: "We enact, determine, decree and define: that if ever at any time it shall appear that the... Roman Pontiff [Pope] prior to his promotion or his elevation as Cardinal or Roman Pontiff, has deviated from the Catholic Faith or fallen into some heresy: the promotion or elevation, even if it shall have been uncontested and by the unanimous assent of all the Cardinals, shall be null, void and worthless."

    *While yet a "cardinal", Karol Wojtyla gave a series of Lenten sermons in Rome for Antipope Paul 6 in 1976. There he stated:

    “Will God really be all in all, given that the Last Judgment entrusted by the Father to the Son will award not only salvation, union with God, but also damnation? …Perhaps…some later phase of the history of salvation — not disclosed in Revelation and the Scriptures — might put an end to this separation between those who are saved and those who are damned,” (“Sign of Contradiction,” by Karol Wojtyla).

    (3.) Purely hypothetically, even if REALITIES #1 and #2 were not in play, the fact is that the Church has a safe guard to protect the integrity of the Faith (i.e. and souls) and John Paul II from all human ways of judging was a manifest heretic/ i.e obstinate in his error(s) which causes a pontiff to fall from office ipso facto - with no ceremony necessary. This is confirmed by Doctors of the Church Aquinas, Bellarmine, Liguori and De Sales. It is also confirmed in the 1917 Code of Canon Law.

    St. Robert Bellarmine
    St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of The Church

    St. Robert Bellarmine, Cardinal and Doctor of the Church: "It is proven with arguments from authority and from reason that the manifest heretic is ipso facto deposed... which means before any excommunication or judicial sentence... therefore the manifest heretic cannot be pope... A pope who is a manifest heretic automatically ceases to be pope and head of the Church, just as he ceases automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church." (De Romano Pontifice, II: 30.)

    St. Alphonsus Maria-Liguori
    St. Alphonsus Maria-Liguori, Doctor of The Church

    St. Alphonsus Maria De Liguori, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (1787 A.D.): "If ever a pope, as a private person, fell into heresy, he would at once fall from the pontificate." (Oeuvres Completes. 9:232)

    St. Antoninus: “In the case in which the pope would become a heretic, he would find himself, by that fact alone and without any other sentence, separated from the Church. A head separated from a body cannot, as long as it remains separated, be head of the same body from which it was cut off. A pope who would be separated from the Church by heresy, therefore, would by that very fact itself cease to be head of the Church. He could not be a heretic and remain pope, because, since he is outside of the Church, he cannot possess the keys of the Church.” (Summa Theologica, cited in Actes de Vatican I. V. Frond pub.)

    1917 Code of Canon Law (C. 188. 4.): "There are certain causes which effect the tacit resignation of an office, which resignation is accepted in advance by operation of law, and hence is effective without any declaration. These causes are: ... (4) if he has publicly defected (fallen away) from the Catholic faith."

    Antipope Nicholas V (a.k.a. né Pietro Rainalducci)
    Nicholas V was an Antipope in Italy from May 12, 1328 to July 25, 1330 A.D.

    Historical Precedence: There have been more than 40 anti-popes in the History of the Church yet, "the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it., (Matt. 16: 18-19) Note: the Catholic Church, who alone has the Divine Right to interpret Sacred Scripture, teaches that the specific words in this passage, "the gates of Hell", mean, "The Death Dealing Tongues of Heretics."

    St. Francis of Assisi
    St. Francis of Assisi Warned about this Specific Era of Darkness

    Catholic Prophecies Regarding this Epoch from St. Francis of Assisi and Others:

    St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 A.D.): "The devils will have unusual power, the immaculate purity of our Order, and of others, will be so much obscured that there will be very few Christians who will obey the true Sovereign Pontiff and the Roman Church with loyal hearts and perfect charity. At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavour to draw many into error and death.... Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held
    in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but
    a destroyer."
    (Works of the Seraphic Father St. Francis Of Assisi, Washbourne, 1882 A.D., p. 248)

    1500 Year Old Prophecy Fulfilled
    1500 Year Old Prophecy Fulfilled by Antipope Paul VI

    The Prophecy of Premol (5th century): "...And I see the King of Rome with his Cross and his tiara, shaking
    the dust off his shoes, and hastening in his flight to other shores. Thy Church, O Lord, is torn apart by her own children. One camp is faithful to the fleeing Pontiff, the other is subject to the new government of Rome which has broken the Tiara
    (See picture of anti-pope Paul VI Breaking the Sacred Tiara). But Almighty God will, in His mercy, put an end to this confusion and a new age will begin. Then, said the Spirit, this is the beginning of the End of Time."

    Anti-pope Benedict XVI
    Antipope Benedict XVI
    An Incontrovertibly Iniquitous Imposter

    Conclusion Reiterated: With a concrete certitude, John Paul II was an usurper and antipope; as is the current highjacker of Church property and killer of souls, an usurper and antipope (Benedict XVI). In regards to "obeying" imposters like JP2 and Ben16 as Christ's Vicar, the virtue of obedience commands a faithful Catholic to reject frauds like Wojtyla & Ratzinger. In fact, His Holiness, Pope Paul IV's infallible document Cum ex Apostolatus Officio (1559 A.D.) instructs Catholics: "... to avoid them [False Shepherds] as warlocks, heathens, publicans, and heresiarchs...". Thus in today’s terribly trying times, a True Catholic must doubly pray, while obeying and holding to all the more firmly the Sacred Deposit of de fide (The Faith) and Perineal Magisterial Teachings, which these Vipers and their brood have knowingly and gleefully trampled underfoot for more than 45 years now.

    St. Henry, Holy Roman Emperor, Defeated an Antipope
    St. Henry, Holy Roman Emperor, Defeated an Antipope in 1014 A.D.

    In the beginning of the 11th century, His Holiness, Pope Benedict VIII was driven from Rome by a usurping antipope named Gregory VI. However, with the temporal aid of King Henry II of Saxony, Pope Benedict VIII was restored to His rightful papal throne in 1014 A.D. King [Saint] Henry was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Benedict VIII in the same year. This Brave Catholic Monarch (St. Henry), did not hesitate to wield his power to protect the Divine Rights of Holy Mother Church. St. [King] Henry was a staunch defender of papal property and territories and often went into battle for the sole purpose of not only protecting these lands, but adding to them, as so great was his devotion to the papacy.

  • We (the small flock of True Catholics remaining) must not despair, as these specific menacing times of apostasy and apathy we are in the midst of, have been predicted/prophesied for centuries (i.e. Our Blessed Lord, His Mother and His Saints have in their charity forewarned us, so as to exhort us to practice caution and vigilance.)

  • We (the small flock of True Catholics remaining) must practice the virtue of hope and pray and act, which includes to not forego the use of temporal force [arms] as Catholic Kings and Princes and their subjects with God's Full Benediction had benevolently and dutifully provided Holy Mother Church with [temporal force], when She (The Church) has been grievously afflicted and assailed by Her sworn enemies, such as well reinforced anti-popes usurping Sacred Church (God's) property, in "days past".
  • We (the small flock of True Catholics remaining) do have hope, as several trusted Catholic prophecies predict a Lawful, True and Holy Pope will come in the (near?) future. Please see (below) just one of the many Catholic prophecies, which eludes to this sorely needed and forthcoming reality:
  • Brother John of the Cleft Rock (14th Century): "Towards the end of the world, tyrants and hostile mobs will rob the Church and the clergy of all their possessions and will afflict and martyr them. Those who heap the most abuse upon them will be held in high esteem. *At that time, the Pope with his cardinals will have to flee Rome in tragic circumstances to a place where they will be unknown. The Pope will die a cruel death in his exile. The sufferings of the Church will be much greater than at any previous time in her history. But God will raise a holy Pope, and the Angels will rejoice. Enlightened by God, this man will rebuild almost the whole world through his holiness. He will lead everyone to the true Faith. Everywhere, the fear of God, virtue, and good morals will prevail. He will lead all erring sheep back to the fold, and there shall be one faith, one law, one rule of life, and one baptism on earth. All men will love each other and do good, and all quarrels and wars will cease."

    The Apostate Vatican II Council

    We are in The Great Apostacy
    No Words are Necessary

    The Apostate Vatican II Council

    The Apostate Vatican II Council was a complete break from the sacred and immutable (unchangeable) Traditions of the Catholic Church. It was a false council, steeped in heresies and thus must be rejected by anyone who claims to bear the noble title of Catholic.

    Pope St. Stephen I
    St. Stephen I
    Decree of Pope St. Stephen I (257 A.D.): "Let no innovation be introduced, but let that be observed which is handed down to us by tradition." (Letter to the Church of Africa)

    St. Vincent of Lerins Commonitoria (5th Century): [Regarding Pope St. Stephen's Decree on Church Tradition] "The prudent and holy man [Pope St. Stephen] understood that the rule of piety admits nothing new, but that all things are to be delivered down to our posterity with the same fidelity with which they were received; and that it is our duty to follow religion, and not make religion follow us; for the proper characteristic of a modest and sober Christian is, not to impose his own conceits upon posterity, but to make his own imaginations bend to the wisdom of those that went before him. What then was the issue of this grand affair, [a question that arose during Pope Stephen's reign regarding Baptism] but that which is usual? antiquity kept possession, and novelty was exploded." (Common. c. 9, as cited in The Lives of the Primitive Fathers, Martyrs, and other Principal Saints by Rev. Alan Butler Vol. VIII Edinburgh, 1799 A.D., p.39)

    Montini a.k.a. Antipope Paul VI at the Masonic United Nations
    Montini [a.k.a Antipope Paul VI] a key "architect" and the non-authority bearing "promulgator" of the Apostate Vatican II Council, pictured giving a speech on October 4, 1965 at the Masonic United Nations

    Montini in his address to the United Nations, called that godless monstrosity [The UN] "the last, best hope of mankind..." not surprisingly he received a standing ovation from the Wilsonian Democracy Pushers/Atheistic Communist packed house.

    [Montini's satanic statement calling the Masonic UN, "the last, best hope for mankind" (i.e. Montini is promulgating a new gospel that the Masonic United Nations is "the last" [only] and "best" [perfect] "hope" [sure way to heaven] "for mankind" [eternal souls]) is very possibly the biggest damnable blasphemy not "merely" uttered but proudly proclaimed in public by any 'man' in history ...if it even must be repeated, any True Catholic knows and would give his very life defending the Truth that Jesus Christ's Holy Catholic Church is the only hope for mankind! -The Webmaster]

    Violation of the First Commandment
    The Apostate Vatican II's Poisonous Ideas Take Root
    Wojtyla [a.k.a Antipope John Paul II] shown holding trees and worshiping with [not condemning] heretics, schismatics and pagans at Assisi, October 26, 1986 ...a direct violation of the First Commandment:
    “I am the Lord thy God, thou shall have no strange gods before me.”

    Wojtyla's public display of spiritual fornication before [and with] the world at Assisi, Italy on October 26, 1986, is exactly what Pope Pius XI authoritatively condemned in his encyclical Mortalium Animos when he [Pope Pius XI] wrote:
    “For which reason conventions, meetings and addresses are frequently arranged by these persons, at which a large number of listeners are present, and at which all without distinction are invited to join in the discussion, both infidels of every kind, and Christians… Certainly such attempts can nowise be approved by Catholics, founded as they are on that false opinion which considers all religions to be more or less good and praiseworthy... Not only are those who hold this opinion in error and deceived, but also in distorting the idea of true religion they reject it... " (Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos, Jan. 6, 1928)

    Pope St. Pius X

    A Model

    Antipope JP2

    A Mockery

    Notable Heresies of the Apostate Vatican II Council:

  • Religious Liberty (Dignitatis Humane - Declaration on Religious Liberty)

  • Ecumenism (Unitatis Redintegratio - The Decree on Ecumenism)

  • Modernism (Sacrosanctum Concilium - Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)

    The Apostate Vatican II Council was illegally brought into being to loose the Church from Her Primacy and Sovereignty, and to war against the decrees and judgments of Christ and His Church. This Robber Council's attempted destruction of de fide (The Faith), with its assault on the Church's Holy Sacraments (the soul of the Church) and the pillaging of Her Sacred Disciplines, is the worst catastrophe to have ever befallen the Catholic Church.

    A Vatican II Sect Altar
    "And we ourselves experience this, that when we enter ornate and clean Basilicas, adorned with crosses, sacred images, altars, and burning lamps, we most easily conceive devotion. But, on the other hand, when we enter the temples of the heretics, where there is nothing except a chair for preaching and a wooden table for making a meal, we feel ourselves to be entering a profane hall and not the house of God."
    (-St. Robert Bellarmine, Octava Controversia Generalis, liber II, Controversia Quinta, caput xxxi.)

    [*Note from the Webmaster: the classic booklet entitled, Death Blows to Vatican Council II, published by The Veritas Staff in 1979, spells out the punishment meted to those who purposely tampered with the Word of God and the safeguarding Judgments of His Church. This monumental work can be viewed by
    clicking here.]

    Our Lady of Fatima Showed the Three Children a Vision of Hell
    Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 Warned of Persecution of the [True] Church
    The Apostate Vatican II Council's Goal was to Emasculate the Church Militant

    The Virgin Mary appeared at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. She showed the three shepherd children a terrifying vision of Hell, and said: "You see Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go... If [people] do not stop offending God, He is going to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, of hunger, and of persecution of the Church..."

    The Fruits of the Abominable Vatican II Council are:

    Billions of Catholic souls have been damned and still are being damned to this very day. (If you deny this fact, you have been duped too and are at grave risk of losing your soul.)

    Non-Catholics (Pagans) are born in utter darkness and die in that same, Terrible Blackness, because Catholics are now taught the "dogma" that it is a true show of “love” to never "offend" non-Catholics with the Salvific Truth's of the Roman Faith as Christ commands and the Saints of old heroically did, but it is more "loving" to let Pagans die in their dark errors and rot in the fires of Hell for eternity.

    Conclusion: In light of the teachings of Traditional Catholicism and the historical tragic, carnage of this wicked pseudo-Council, which is unmistakenly and undeniably seen everywhere:

    A True Catholic must reject this Jewish/Masonic inspired phony Vatican II Council for the reprobate fraud it is, and hold to and defend (to the point of shedding one's blood if fortunate enough) the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Roman Faith, that Jesus Christ gave to St. Peter, at the cost of the very last drop of His Most Precious Blood!

    The First Pope, St. Peter, Receiving The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven from Our Blessed Lord
    et ego dico tibi quia tu es Petrus et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam,
    et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversum eam
    (Matt. 16: 18-19)

    (Translation: And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church,
    and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    The Immaculate Heart of Mary
    The Immaculate Heart of Mary
    Our Hope

    "... in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph."
    (Words spoken by The Blessed Virgin Mary when she appeared at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 A.D.)

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