Giovanni Battista Montini, Known to the World as Paul VI

A Key "Architect" & the Non-Authority Bearing "Promulgator" of the Apostate V-2 Council

Masonic handshake given by
Montini a.k.a "pope" Paul VI

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"Those faithful Catholics who oppose the bogus popes and their evil V-2 Council can be found on the ramparts fighting the religious blackguards and traitors." - Death Blows to Vatican Council II

By The Veritas Staff
Originally printed in the USA, 1979 A.D. by Veritas
(Re-Posted on TCW's website September 25, 2005 AD)

Minneapolis Sept. 25 - The Apostate Vatican II Council's attempted destruction of de fide (The Faith), with its assault on the Church's Holy Sacraments (the soul of the Church) and the pillaging of Her Sacred Disciplines, is the worst catastrophe to have ever befallen the Catholic Church. In Today's Catholic World (TCW) is printing the Table of Contents and the Introduction of the classic article/book Death Blows to Vatican Council II that was put out by The Veritas Staff in 1979 A.D., and is providing a link to the full text of this historic Catholic work (below):

Death Blows to Vatican Council II

by The Veritas Staff

Veritas Truth


How is it possible for V-2 (the Second Vatican Council) to be allowed any credence or given obedience by the bishops throughout the world? It is past understanding how prelates of the Catholic Church could accept acts and teachings proposed by V-2 that are completely counter to all that Christ entrusted to His Church.

It has happened because the clergymen of today have lost touch with the Apostolic knowledge, the Apostolic zeal, and the Apostolic vigilance. Love for the Apostolic Tradition, love for the Word of God have been lost. The result? Today we have priests who no longer hold love for the teachings of the Catholic Church nor zeal for Her truths. They lack respect for Her Judgments, now trodden underfoot.

Having lost the Apostolic knowledge of the Word of God, the hierarchy join with the enemies of the Apostolic Church in suppressing Her Primacy and Sovereignty. Devoid of the Apostolic knowledge, they no longer accept the Catholic Apostolic Religion as Divine and the only religion God gave to mankind. They no longer believe that the Catholic Religion has rights others do not. Nor do the clergy know any more that man is bound in conscience to accept and believe this one Divine Religion - and no other.

French Masonic Revolution
Actual (18th Century) Emblem at the time of the Satanic Freemasonic French Revolution
Note the image of the Freemasonic Handshake above the word: FRATERNITE'

There is a price to be paid by those who deny the Apostolic Church Her Primacy and Sovereignty. To those who dare dispute or attack the Word of God or the divinely-instituted interpreter and teacher of this Word, there is a punishment inflicted.

This booklet, dealing principally with the V-2 Council that was illegally brought into being to loose the Church from Her Primacy and Sovereignty, and to war against the decrees and judgments of Christ and His Church, spells out the punishment meted to those who tamper with the Word of God and the safeguarding Judgments of His Church.

Masonic Handshake
Notice the Masonic Handshake!
Montini and the schismatic Patriarch of Constantinople, Athenagoras, rescinding the 1054 excommunications of the Great Schism. January 5, 1964. It is interesting that Montini met with Athenagoras in the Garden of Olives, the very place where Judas, with a kiss, delivered the Lamb of God to those who would crucify Him; Montini, in like fashion, greeted Athenagoras with a kiss.

That men of the cloth could be calloused and insensitive to the terrifying punishments imposed by Christ's Church is incomprehensible. One can only suppose it is but another consequence of their lack of the Apostolic knowledge.

Note: The full text of the important article Death Blows to Vatican Council II can be accessed by clicking this link here.

Roncalli a.k.a antipope John XXIII & Montini a.k.a antipope Paul VI in Full Agreement
Roncalli died June 3, 1963. He was succeeded by Montini, who took the name "pope"
Paul VI and supervised the completion of the Apostate Second Vatican Council.

Death Blows to Vatican II Council

By The Veritas Staff

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Origin of Execrabilis
  • What Execrabilis Says and Does
  • Vatican I
  • Death Blows by Vatican I
  • Four Important Features
  • Vatican Council II
  • Price of Updating
  • Canon 58 (4th Toledo Council)
  • Acts Favoring Jewry
  • V-2 Counter-Attack
  • Bulla of Pope Paul IV
  • Codex
  • Our Stand
  • God's Stand
  • Appendix (Bulla of Paul IV)

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