(Documented Evidence that Angelo Roncalli a.k.a "pope" John XXIII was a Freemason)

The following article (below) was originally printed in the Portugal Daily News on November 11, 2002. It provides documented evidence that "Cardinal" Angelo Roncalli was a practicing Freemason, which incurs automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church. Also, Roncalli's illegal usurpation of the papal throne by force, at the 1958 Papal Conclave, from the lawfully elected and true Pontiff, Gregory XVII formally Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa, Italy (Click here for information, including recently declassified FBI documents pertaining to this sinister crime) makes the use of the term "Pope" in this article, in reference to this gluttonous agent of Satan [Roncalli] an impossibility.

Pope John XXIII a Freemason?

Angelo Roncalli a.k.a Anti-Pope John XXIII, a Documented Freemason
"Cardinal" Angelo Roncalli a.k.a Anti-Pope John XXIII, was a Documented Freemason
(Angelo Roncalli [with hand on right knee] seated next to his "confidant," Edouard Herriot, Secretary of the Radical Socialists
whom he (Roncalli) hosted, along with other officials of the Masonic "Fourth Republic" of France, in 1953)

"The consequence regarding Angelo Roncalli... as an excommunicate it would have been impossible for him to be elected pope."

The Portugal Daily News
(November 11, 2002)

Fátima International (FI), an historic review organisation with offices in Australia, USA, Paraguay and Portugal, has issued a further press release claiming that Cardinal Angelo Roncalli, who was elected as Pope John XXlll in 1958, was a Freemason. In 1994 the Portuguese newspapers “O Dia” and “Correio de Domingo” published a summary of FI’s investigations into the case, which stated that Pope John XXlll [Roncalli] had been initiated into a secret society, the Order of Rosicrucians, whilst serving as the Vatican’s Charge d´Affairs in Paris during 1935.

A spokesman for FI told THE NEWS that Virgilio Guito, former head of the Italian Grande Oriente Masonic Lodges, in a statement published by the French newspaper “30 Days”, said: “It seems that Pope John XXIII has been initiated in Paris, and participated in the works of the Lodges in Istanbul”. The spokesman said that as leader of Italian Masonry, Guito would be in a position to know with certainty if Angelo Roncalli had been initiated into the Order in Paris. “It would be incredibly reckless of him to make such a statement if it were not true” he said.

Roncalli the Freemason
Angelo Roncolli in Turkey
According to Carpi's book, during his Nunciature in Turkey, Roncalli was admitted
"into the sect of the Temple" receiving the name "Brother John" - Prophesies of John XXIII, Pier Carpi, p. 52.

The implications of FI’s disclosures are of tremendous importance to Catholics worldwide. Under Canon Law any Catholic who [...] becomes a Mason is ipso facto excommunicated from the Church. The consequence regarding Angelo Roncalli, would have been that as an excommunicate it would have been impossible for him to be elected pope. FI also points out that any decrees issued by Roncalli under the mantle of the Papacy would therefore be null and void, including the convoking of the Second Vatican Council in 1962.

Long-standing suspicions regarding John XXIII’s links to Masonry were further aroused in 1977, fourteen years after his death. Of particular interest was an advertisement published in the USA, Boston Pilot Magazine, which was offering for sale replicas of John XXIII’s pectoral cross. The cross was decorated with several Masonic symbols and had been authorised for sale by Archbishop Capovilla of Loreto, Italy, with the backing of the Vatican.

The Australian Robert Bergin, a founder member of FI who died in 1996, spent the last years of his life in Portugal, where he financed several publications detailing the facts linking the plight of Roncalli to the prophecies given by the Virgin Mary at Fátima in 1917. His efforts to persuade the Vatican to investigate Roncalli’s Masonic connections were unsuccessful. This was of little surprise, as in 1976 the Vatican had failed to respond to the Italian journal, Burghese, which had published a list of over one hundred bishops and cardinals who it claimed were Freemasons. The list was purported to have been taken from the Italian Masonic Register and included the initiation dates and code names assigned to each of the clerics involved.

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